36th International Pantomime Theater Festivals in Dresden


10.11.21 19:00 Gala show (with all artists who have arrived)

11.11.21 18:00 Double performance:
Mr. Moe – Sitting On A Fence with Moritz Lucht, Germany
Clown / Three Watchmakers And The Lord Of Time / Lexicon Of Saints with Nabil Zanabili from Germany
11.11.21 20:00 Hic Sunt Dracones with Theatro Continuo from Czech Republic

12.11.21 18:00 Short Stories with Dirtz Theatre, Germany/France
12.11.21 20:00 Tasty Biscuits with Duo Mimikry, Germany/France

13.11.21 18:00 Le Voisin with Les Transports Publics, France
13.11.21 20:00 Solo with Radim Vizváry, Czech Republic

14.11.21 11:00 Children’s performance: Paperboy with Radim Vizváry, Czech Republic
14.11.21 18:00 Reinheit with Derevo Laboratorium, Germany/Russia
14.11.21 20:00 Django with Knalltheater, Germany


All events take place at the Theaterhaus Rudi, Fechnerstrasse 2a, 01139 Dresden.

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Workshops & Events

3 Physical Theatre Workshop with Anton Adasinskiy, Derevo Laboratorium

13.11.21 10:00-13:00
Workshop mit Dirtz Theatre (Argens-Minervois, France)

13.11.21 15:00
Workshop with Moritz Lucht, (Berlin)

21:30 Open-Mime-Jam

10:00 Workshop with Benoit Turjman

We present ... Duo Diagonal

Duo Diagonal is a mime company from Germany, Bochum. They combine mime, dance and acting with a sense of comedy. What are they up to currently?

They did a music video with a German singer Johanna Zeul:

Deana and Holger’s current shows are Glamour & Desaster and Branka & Roger. More info here:

In August, Holger Ehrich organizes (as artistic director) an outdoor theatre festival in Bochum: .Together with his partner Deana they are part of the Rendezvous with the neighborhood festival in Bochum, which is happening in September:

Mime Fest Polička 2021 (22nd till 25th September)

MIME FEST is an international festival of mime theater involving the cooperation of foreign festivals, schools and major institutions in the field of mime art. It presents their work in a broader European context and creates new opportunities for artists to meet. The selection of performers focuses on professional artists and a broad range of forms of mime theater. Considerable attention is devoted to the younger generation and educational activities – workshops and seminars led by professionals intended for both students of the performing arts and the public. Because of this, MIME FEST has become a unique platform providing an expansive view of the current state of contemporary pantomime throughout the world.

The festival holds the prestigious European remarkable festivals award EFFE since 2015.

We recommend the workshops, more info on the official web

Workshops by École

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMATIC CORPOREAL MIME IN PARIS is offering workshops for mime performers and students. For the inscription please contact Natale Stadelmann:

more info here:

Nola Rae and her shows now online for free

Elizabeth’s Last Stand:
Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits:
Mozart Preposteroso:

Physical drama by Pablo Volo 3 times a week online

for the course enter here:

Congratulations Radim to his new position at Laterna Magica, National Theatre in Prague:

The main aim of the federation is the interchange of mime students, artists and teachers. FEM is open to everyone dedicated to nonverbal theater.

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